Drop-In Accessories

Convenient side burners make it easy to prepare multiple meals while you grill. Cook soups, stews and skillet dishes without having to run inside. Choose single and double side burners in the style that complements your backyard design. Drop-in accessories give you the functionality you need to handle any event in your backyard or garden. Keep side dishes fresh with food warmers and make any drink with cocktail centers and ice chests. At Cal Flame, it’s all about choice.

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  • 12-inch-cocktail-center-env-med

    12” Cocktail Center

    Part Number: BBQ12842P-12
    Keep ice in the outdoor kitchen cold with a drop-in 12 in. Cal Flame Stainless Steel Cooler and Cocktail Center. A single condiment tray can keep favorite garnishes chilled and fresh for guests. A towel rack and bottle opener makes tending bar a tidy task.


    24¼” x 25¼” x 11⅜”

  • 12-inch-drop-in-food-warmer-env-med

    12” Drop-in Food Warmer

    Part Number: BBQ07888P
    Serve guests buffet style from your outdoor kitchen with this stainless steel Cal Flame 12 in. Drop-In BBQ Food Warmer. Three generously sized compartments keep favorite foods hot and ready to eat. Each compartment has an individual cover to contain heat while serving.

    24¼” x 25¼” x 11⅜”

  • 15-inch-spice-juice-rack-env-med

    12” or 15” Spice/Juice Rack

    12” Part Number: BBQ07846P-18
    (Fits 18” & 30” Access Doors)
    15” Part Number: BBQ07846P-30
    (Fits 30” Drop-In Bar Center)

    Keep all of your juices and spices handy while you grill with this convenient spice/ juice rack! Own it today!


    12”W x 4-3/4”D x 4-3/4”H

    15”W x 4-3/4”D x 4-3/4”H

  • 18-inch-cocktail-center-env-med

    18” Cocktail Center

    Part Number: BBQ11842P-18
    Keep ice in the outdoor kitchen cold with a drop-in 18 in. Stainless Steel Cooler and Cocktail Center from Cal Flame. Two condiment trays can keep favorite garnishes chilled and fresh for guests. A towel rack and bottle opener makes tending bar a tidy task. It’s an insulated cooler that conveniently holds ice, condiments and ice scoops. Includes two dishwasher safe condiment trays.


    18″ x 25¾” x 9¾”

  • 30-inch-drop-in-bar-center-env-med

    30” Drop-in Bar Center

    Part Number: BBQ07902
    Serve drinks outside with this stainless steel 30 in. Built-In BBQ Bar. This cocktail center is fully equipped with a sink, bottle opener and individual compartments to store spices, garnishes or other essential grilling items. Insulated ice bucket keeps ice and drinks cold for hours. Underneath you have enough storage space for any items you may need for your cookout.


    30″ x 22¼” x 10¼”

  • drop-in-ice-bucket-env-med

    Drop-in ice Bucket

    Part Number: BBQ11864

    The Cal Flame Ice Bin is the perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen. It is constructed of 304-Grade stainless steel for years of outdoor use. The ice bin includes a drain and comes with a lid that features the Cal Flame signature 1-piece handle. Drops into your counter top for easy access, Built in drain for easy cleaning.
    17 x 23¾” x 14¾”

  • hibachi-drop-in-grill-lp-env-med

    Hibachi Drop-in Grill-lP

    Part Number: BBQ14900P
    Diversify your outdoor kitchen with the Cal Flame stainless steel Hibachi Flat-Top Griddle. Fueled by liquid propane and featuring two burners below a polished steel griddle plate, this drop-in cooking appliance allows outdoor chefs to cook up sausages, eggs, pancakes, bacon, stir-fry and more. The Hibachi Flat-Top Griddle has two independently-controlled burners, supplying up to 15,000 BTUs each.

    24¼” x 25¼” x 11⅜”

  • power-burner-lp-env-med

    Power Burner Drop-in Grill-lP

    Part Number: BBQ10955P
    The Cal Flame Stainless Steel Propane Gas Power Burner provides the power of 50,000 BTUs of cooking perfection with this single, over-sized power burner. All stainless steel seamless construction promises lasting, affordable cooking technology. The sides of this burner are removable for extra large pots and pans and the top is removable for easy cleaning. The convenient, over-sized handle makes managing this burner safe and easy.

    24¼” x 25¼” x 11⅜”

  • stainless-steel-sink-faucet-soap-dispenser-env-med

    Stainless Steel Sink w/ Faucet & Soap Dispenser

    Part Number:BBQ11963
    Outdoor Stainless Steel Sink With Faucet And Soap Dispenser Keep your hands and utensils clean with this stainless steel sink with cold water and soap dispenser. Cal Flame Stainless Steel Sink With Faucet And Soap Dispenser: The Cal Flame Stainless Steel Sink with Soap Dispenser helps keep your barbecue island work area clean. With the soap cartridge pump built into our Stainless Steel sink, this one-piece, smooth pump dispenses your favorite hand soap easily and elegantly.


    5″ x 15″ x 5½”