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  • Bullfrog Hot Tub A Series Model # A5L

    The Ultimate 2-Person Hot Tub

    The A5L is the most feature rich compact 2-person hot tub on the market today. It’s small enough for indoor, patio, and balcony installation, yet it is as comfortable and therapeutic as spas nearly twice its size. The A5L is a perfect hot tub for couples, empty nesters, singles, or the person that would like personal spa therapy without using too much space. The A5L features a comfortable premium lounge seat that includes massaging wrist, hamstring, and calf jets as well as your choice of 3 JetPaks for ultimate personalized relaxation.

  • Bullfrog Hot Tub A Series Model A6L

    Complete Therapy in a Space-Saving Hot Tub

    The A6L is a space-saving hot tub that provides nearly all the features of much larger spas. Compact on the outside and roomy on the inside, the A6L is a popular hot tub for singles, urbanites, and small families. The A6L seats 4 people comfortably ad can actually seat up to 6 people and still fit on most decks, balconies and patios. The A6L features your choice of JetPaks in 4 seats and a comfortable lounger with therapeutic calf and foot jets. Don’t worry if you don’t have space for a larger spa, the A6L ensures you won’t miss out on therapy or comfort.

  • Bullfrog Hot Tub A Series Model A7

    Full Features and Ample Space in a Mid-Size Spa

    The A7 is a full-featured mid-size spa that feels much larger than its dimensions. The A7 features dual premium corner captains chairs, each with wrist, hip, calf and foot jets to go along with 5 JetPaks of your choice. Absolutely no space is wasted in this spa, giving it the feel of a much larger hot tub and making it ideal for entertaining friends or families.

  • Bullfrog Hot Tub A Series Model A7L

    Bullfrog Spas Model A7L
    Comprehensive Therapy in a Mid-Size Hot Tub

  • Bullfrog Hot Tub A Series Model A8

    Bullfrog Spas Model A8
    A Comfortable Large 8-Person Hot Tub

  • Bullfrog Hot Tub A Series Model A8D

    Bullfrog Spas Model A8D. A Versatile & Popular Dual-Lounge Hot Tub

  • Bullfrog Hot Tub A Series Model A8L

    A Spacious and Relaxing Large Hot Tub

    The A8L is a roomy 7-person hot tub with a variety of seating options for total relaxation. The comfortable seats include a premium bent-knee lounger and a therapeutic corner captain's chair, along with your choice of 6 unique JetPaks. This spa has a therapy options to suit your every need, yet maintains ample space for socializing. This is the ultimate spa for someone who enjoys a different hydrotherapy experience every time they're in the spa. It's also great for couples that prefer different massage and seating options. Pick your favorite seat and enjoy relaxing together or call friends or family for an entertaining get together.

  • Bullfrog Hot Tub R Series  Model R5L

    Affordable 3-Person Hot Tub for Personalized Therapy

    The R5L is an economical 3-person hot tub that that provides soothing therapy at a reasonable cost. This spa is ideal for singles, empty-nesters and couples that need a smaller cost-effective spa without sacrificing quality. The R5L fits through most exterior doorways for indoor installation. The comfortable lounge seat is ergonomically contoured for a natural feel and provides hamstring and calf jets for excellent leg therapy. Two massaging JetPaks of your choice create an ideal experience for couples to enjoy conversations and re-connecting while enjoying personalized spa therapy.

  • Bullfrog Hot Tub R Series Model  R6L

    An Affordable Space Saving 4-Person Spa

    The R6L is an affordable mid size spa for installation on patios, balconies, and in smaller spaces, without sacrificing quality and comfort. The R6L provides a variety of massages, with 3 JetPaks of your choice and a layout that includes a comfortable bent-knee lounge seat with integrated calf and foot jets. The many different seating types in this spa make it perfect for small families, couples and the individual that enjoys an array of different massages.