BBQ Grill Accessories

Cal Flame is the rst and only manufacturer to offer you the commercial-grade equipment to build a true outdoor kitchen. The very best in stainless steel grills and cooking equipment can now be yours. Side burners, food warmers and outdoor refrigerators eliminate the need to run inside and keep you where you want to be the most- at the grill!

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  • Charcoal Helper Tray

    Part #: BBQ11859
    Turn your propane or natural gas Cal Flame grill into a charcoal grill or smoker with this removable charcoal tray. Enjoy the flavor of charcoal as often as you want on your gas grill. Removable Charcoal Tray turns part of your Cal Flame grill into a charcoal and gas grill.

  • Deep Fryer Accessories Helper Set

    Part Number: BBQ09902

    Turn part of your grill into a deep frying station with this deep fryer helper. You’ll love preparing tasty fries. Basket hangers allow food to drain and storage hangers allow baskets to be stored within unit. Lid closes and seals for easy storage wet (with oil) or dry (drained) and can be removed for easy cleaning. Easy access valve for clean draining.

  • Griddle Tray w/ Storage

    Part Number: BBQ07862P
    The Cal Flame Built-In Griddle Tray brings even greater versatility and convenience to the backyard kitchen. Ideal for eggs, pancakes or any other foods normally cooked on a griddle. This griddle tray that comes with It’s own storage that hides in your grill island. Constructed of 430-Grade stainless steel which is durable for outdoor use.

  • Pizza Brick Tray

    Part Number: BBQ07900
    Bake pizza with brick oven flavor on the grill with this Cal Flame Pizza Brick Tray. Keep the kids satisfied at every BBQ party. The Cal Flame Brick Pizza Tray combined with a convection grill will give your family a satisfying homemade pizza. Now you can eat freshly prepared 20 in. pie together in your backyard.

  • Rotisserie & Motor 12V

    Part Numbers: BBQ08856P3-4-5 (3, 4 or 5 Burner Grills);
    BBQ07100781-CC (12V Motor)

    Enjoy the full bodied taste of rotisserie cooking with rotisseries that can be mounted in left or right configurations!

  • Rotisserie Basket

    Part Number: BBQ08892
    Roast vegetables or bake fish on your outdoor grill with this Stainless Steel Rotisserie Basket designed for Cal Flame grills. This handy basket makes preparing and grilling food simple. Cooking fish, fruit and hamburger patties with ease. The basket will accommodate food as thick as 1-1/2 in. Food trapped in the basket won’t fall apart when you try to flip it. A sturdy clasp keeps the unit closed during rotation.

  • Sear Zone Burner

    Part Number: BBQ07890P
    Upgrade your Cal Flame burner for searing right on the grill with Cal Flame Sear Zone Replacement Burner. Simply swap out one of the standard stainless steel burners with our intense Sear Zone Burner to create a hotspot browning, caramelizing or blackening. Emitting 15,000 BTUs, you can sear your meat, fish or poultry hot and fast to seal in juices and flavor that will make mouths water.

  • Smoke Tray

    Part Number: BBQ08854P

    Add a smoker function to your outdoor grill with a Cal Flame Smoke Tray. Infuse meats with a tantalizing smoke flavor by adding the optional tray. Designed to fit almost anywhere on a Cal Flame grill, this full-length, stainless steel smoke tray keeps wood chips and ashes together for easy preparation and clean up.