Outdoor Grilling

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Cooking Surface
  • Rotisserie & Motor 12V

    Part Numbers: BBQ08856P3-4-5 (3, 4 or 5 Burner Grills);
    BBQ07100781-CC (12V Motor)

    Enjoy the full bodied taste of rotisserie cooking with rotisseries that can be mounted in left or right configurations!

  • Rotisserie Basket

    Part Number: BBQ08892
    Roast vegetables or bake fish on your outdoor grill with this Stainless Steel Rotisserie Basket designed for Cal Flame grills. This handy basket makes preparing and grilling food simple. Cooking fish, fruit and hamburger patties with ease. The basket will accommodate food as thick as 1-1/2 in. Food trapped in the basket won’t fall apart when you try to flip it. A sturdy clasp keeps the unit closed during rotation.

  • Sear Zone Burner

    Part Number: BBQ07890P
    Upgrade your Cal Flame burner for searing right on the grill with Cal Flame Sear Zone Replacement Burner. Simply swap out one of the standard stainless steel burners with our intense Sear Zone Burner to create a hotspot browning, caramelizing or blackening. Emitting 15,000 BTUs, you can sear your meat, fish or poultry hot and fast to seal in juices and flavor that will make mouths water.

  • Smoke Tray

    Part Number: BBQ08854P

    Add a smoker function to your outdoor grill with a Cal Flame Smoke Tray. Infuse meats with a tantalizing smoke flavor by adding the optional tray. Designed to fit almost anywhere on a Cal Flame grill, this full-length, stainless steel smoke tray keeps wood chips and ashes together for easy preparation and clean up.

  • Stainless Steel Refrigerator

    Part Number: BBQ09849P

    The stainless steel refrigerator is perfect for keeping your beverages cold and your food fresh at all times.

    • 4.6 cu. ft.
    • 115V for convenient plug and play
    • Fully enclosed/insulated unit
    • (5) removable shelves

    20-3/8”W x 21-1/2”D x 31-3/8”H

  • Stainless Steel Sink w/ Faucet & Soap Dispenser

    Part Number:BBQ11963
    Outdoor Stainless Steel Sink With Faucet And Soap Dispenser Keep your hands and utensils clean with this stainless steel sink with cold water and soap dispenser. Cal Flame Stainless Steel Sink With Faucet And Soap Dispenser: The Cal Flame Stainless Steel Sink with Soap Dispenser helps keep your barbecue island work area clean. With the soap cartridge pump built into our Stainless Steel sink, this one-piece, smooth pump dispenses your favorite hand soap easily and elegantly.


    5″ x 15″ x 5½”

  • Standard Side By Side Flat Burner

    Part #: BBQ08953P
    Maximize outdoor kitchen counter space with a Stainless Steel 30,000 BTUs 2-Burner Drop-In Side Burner from Cal Flame. The Dual brass burners bring indoor kitchen convenience to the BBQ island. V-patterned grate adds unique style. Accessorize with our Wok Ring. Constructed of 430-Grade stainless steel for years of outdoor use.


    30,000 BTU     Cooking surface supports Wok cooking sq. in.    28″ x 20¾” x 6⅝”

  • Standard Single Flat Side Burner

    Part #:BBQ08852P
    When you need another heat source for cooking, the 11 in. Single Flat Side Burner For Outdoor BBQ Grill Island is an excellent solution. This 304-Grade stainless steel side burner is perfect for Wok cooking and offers a convenient way to cook your favorite side dishes without having to run back inside to your indoor kitchen.


    BTU     Cooking surface supports Wok cooking sq. in.  12½” x 20⅜” x 5½”

  • Top Gun™ 5-Burner Convection Grill

    Model No.: BBQ13875CTG
    The innovative Top GunTM 5 Burner Convection Grill has been designed to t any Cal Flame barbecue cart or island! It features ve cast stainless steel burners and a powerful centrifugal fan that uniformly circulates heat throughout the grilling area. It also features a glass window on the hood for your grilling convenience and a striking new light feature on each stainless steel knob – a Cal Flame exclusive!

    95,000 BTU     1,000 sq. in.    39”W x 22 7/16”H x 24”D