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  • BBQ Grill G Series 5 Burner

    Model No.: BBQ09G05
    Cal Flame’s G-Series Grills are the perfect heavy-duty grills for rst-time buyers searching for value. G-Series grills are constructed of 430-stainless steel, built with two-layer walls and feature Cal Flame’s proprietary V- Grates, a temperature gauge, and porcelain-coated cast iron burners. Designed to pair with any Cal Flame Barbecue Island or Grill Cart, G-Series grills offer multiple upgrades and boost enough BTU-power to meet the needs of any culinary enthusiast.

    75,000 BTU     1,000 sq. in.    39”W x 22 7/16”H x 24”D

  • Convection 5 Burner

    Model No.: BBQ13875CP
    Gourmet recipes are ready to serve faster with convection cooking. Made of solid 304-stainless steel, our burners emit up to 93,000 BTU with our 5-burner grill (72,000 BTU – 4-burner grill) and have a ten year warranty. Cal Flame Convection Grills are also equipped with premium features and added value.


    93,000 BTU     1,000 sq. in.    39”W x 22 7/16”H x 24”D

  • P Series P5

    Model No.: BBQ13P05
    Cal Flame has introduced many industry rsts that revolutionized the way grills are made and offer design features that grilling enthusiasts expect from today’s modern outdoor grills. The Cal Flame P-Series Grills are no exception to the rule. Each P-Series Grill is crafted using 304-stainless steel and includes signature features such as cast stainless steel burners with independent ignitor switches and heavy duty V-patterned grates on a large cooking surface.


    93,000 BTU     1,000 sq. in.     39”W x 22 7/16”H x 24”D

  • Top Gun™ 5-Burner Convection Grill

    Model No.: BBQ13875CTG
    The innovative Top GunTM 5 Burner Convection Grill has been designed to t any Cal Flame barbecue cart or island! It features ve cast stainless steel burners and a powerful centrifugal fan that uniformly circulates heat throughout the grilling area. It also features a glass window on the hood for your grilling convenience and a striking new light feature on each stainless steel knob – a Cal Flame exclusive!

    95,000 BTU     1,000 sq. in.    39”W x 22 7/16”H x 24”D