Cal Spas

Swim Spa  Model F1640CHAMPION


Ultimate Fitness™: Swim Spas Champion F-1640
6 Person Swim Spa with 37 Jets
Whether youre a tri-athlete in training or just want to unlock a slimmer, fitter you, the F1640 swim spa has everything you need to get in shape. Hardcore swimmers will love the 2,500-gallons of streaming water and large dimensions for kicking and paddling. The adjustable SwimJet Propulsion System III™ ribbon jets allow you to swim at your own pace, while burning calories and toning muscles. Fitness enthusiasts can take advantage of the available Cal Flex™ Fitness Package for a complete body…


Dimensions:93″ x 200″ x 51″
Weight – Dry:2,000 (907 kg)
Weight – Wet/Filled:22,825 (10,353 kg)
Water Capacity: 2,500 (9,463 L)
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