Grand Pavilion GPV3100

Part Number: GPV3100

The GPV3100 Grand Pavilion Outdoor Kitchen Island is the ultimate centerpiece for any backyard. State-of-the-art innovation makes this incredible island perfect for the homeowner that refuses to compromise when it comes to entertaining guests. It features an elevated bar with seating for 8 (eight) and a spacious cooking area that can be customized to include a 5 Burner Convection Grill, deep fryer, side burners, stainless steel sink, food warmer, LED lighting, under counter lights, iPod Station w/ speakers, stainless steel sink, bottle opener and catcher, vertical or horizontal access doors, ice maker, complete utility storage set, propane tank drawer, and many other exciting features to choose from. There is no substitution for the GPV 3100 Grand Pavilion Outdoor Kitchen Island.
190″ x 45″ x 46¼”


Part Number: GPV3100
Dimensions: 190″ x 45″ x 46¼”

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