Hibachi Drop-in Grill-lP

Part Number: BBQ14900P
Diversify your outdoor kitchen with the Cal Flame stainless steel Hibachi Flat-Top Griddle. Fueled by liquid propane and featuring two burners below a polished steel griddle plate, this drop-in cooking appliance allows outdoor chefs to cook up sausages, eggs, pancakes, bacon, stir-fry and more. The Hibachi Flat-Top Griddle has two independently-controlled burners, supplying up to 15,000 BTUs each.

24¼” x 25¼” x 11⅜”


Part Number: BBQ14900P
: 24¼” x 25¼” x 11⅜” (17-1/4 Plunge)
Cut Out Dimensions: 22⅞” x 22″ x 9½”



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