LBK 870 R/L

Part Number: PV6004

The LBK 870 R/L Outdoor Kitchen Island is a spacious L shaped Island with plenty of space for entertaining and creating delicious meals. The cooking station includes a 4 burner grill, stainless steel refrigerator, side burner, outdoor electrical, 30” double access doors and 8” single access door. You can choose the finish to compliment your backyard décor. Available finishes include durable Ameristone Stucco and elegant natural rock or stone in assorted colors and textures. Countertop options include your choice of granite or tile made out of porcelain or natural stone. Tile countertops can be further customized with single or two tone styles.
111½” x 102½”


Part Number: LBK-870 R/L
Dimensions: 111½” x 102½”

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